One on One with Alan Cross

One of the nice surprises on the Memphis Tiger offense has been true freshman Tight End Alan Cross. Cross, 6-foot-1 235 lbs, is currently third on the team with 17 catches with 216 yards and 2 touchdowns.
TigerSportsReport got a chance to sit down with Alan so we can know a little bit more about him as a person.
TigerSportsReport- "We're here with Alan Cross the True Freshman Tight End from Millington High (Leroy's Alma Mater). Alan's excited to get the win Saturday and looking to get 2 more. Alan thanks for your time.
Alan Cross- "I appreciate you guys having me. It's an honor."
TSR- "We want to introduce the fans to a different side of you. You're a football player but there are other things you guys like and we want to bring that out to the fans. So the first question is Besides the Liberty Bowl, what's you favorite stadium to play in (College or High School)?"
AC- "My favorite place would probably be at Munford. It had a college atmosphere and had a bowl type of set up down in a little hollow area. A lot of people came out to watch the game.
TSR "And for those who don't know, explain the Millington/Munford rivalry"
AC- "Oh man. It's a big rivalry. In any sport we try to destroy them. Fortunately I never lost to them in any sport, football, basketball and baseball. It was a huge rivalry back in my day…last year (Laughs)"
TSR- "Who's your favorite professor at the University of Memphis?"
AC- "I'd have to say Richard Peterson. He knows his stuff pretty good. He taught well explaining the concepts of chemistry and atoms and all that. "
TSR- "What's your favorite book and why?"
AC- "Book, man I didn't read a lot of books when I was a kid but I'd have to say Of Mice and Men. I had to read that in high school and that opened my eyes to show some respect to the Special Ed people. It kept me on my toes reading it you know, it was a fun book to read."
TSR- "Good choice. What about favorite movie?"
AC- "It would probably be The Water Boy. I like Adam Sandler, he a funny guy. Adam was a water boy and it kind of puts me in my perspective because I was a walk on you know, not really getting a shot. I was overseen a little bit just like he was. It kind of puts me in his shoes somewhat."
TSR- "If you didn't play football, what sport would you play?"
AC "Probably Basketball. I love to play basketball and shoot the ball. I'm not a post man but I got the J."
TSR- "Do you have any pregame traditions?"
AC- "Yeah, I got to wear the same pads in the same spot every time. When we do our Friday practice I drag my feet on the turf no matter where we're playing at. "
TSR- "How did the turf drag thing start?"
AC- "I actually just started it this year. So we'll see how it goes."
TSR- "Who on the defense hits the hardest?"
AC- "I'd have to say probably Tank Jakes or Corey Jones.
TSR- "Funny you should say Corey because he's our next interview."
AC- "Oh OK, let him know if he hits any harder I'm going to start bringing the wood to him (Laughs)."
TSR- "What are your favorite pro teams (Any sports)?"
AC- "In football I love Peyton Manning so I like the Colts and not going to stop liking them because he's not there any longer. I like the Broncos now that Peyton is there. In Basketball I like the Miami Heat. I like Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh. I like Nascar and my favorite drive is Carl Edwards. It's been a rough year for him but he'll be back. "
TSR- "What's your favorite type of food?"
AC- "I like pizza (Laughs). Pepperoni Pizza has always been my favorite."
TSR- "When you were a kid growing up, which player(s) did you look up to?"
AC- "I didn't get to see Peyton at Tennessee but I did watch Eli at Ole Miss. He got me into liking football a little bit. As time went on I came to the Memphis games to watch Deangelo Williams play. "
TSR- "Next question comes from a fan. The offense has started to come together. What do you contribute that success to?"
AC- "It has to be Coach Fuente. He pushes us every day at practice to get better. No matter what the circumstances are we're always trying to push through. We'd like to establish the run and we've started doing that and as you saw Saturday it opens up the passing game as Jacob hit Tevin for 52 and Reggie on a big play too. He got Jesse and I involved as well."
TSR- "If Big Bird and Barney got into a fight who would win and why?"
AC- "Big Bird or Barney…. I'd have to say Big Bird. He's around Oscar the Grouch and he has some negative influence on him. You know attitude and grumpiness. Barney's always happy. That's why I'd take Big Bird."
For those keeping track at home, Big Bird now leads 2-1.
Alan and the rest of the Tigers are looking to make it two straight wins this Saturday when they travel to UAB.