One on One with Terry Redden

With Dontari Poe going to the NFL the Memphis Tigers needed someone to fill his shoes. That someone is Sophomore Terry Redden.
The 6-foot-2 285 lbs defensive tackle has picked up where Poe left off. TigerSportsReport got a chance to speak with Redden so we can get to know a little bit more about him as a person.
Redden, a three star prospect out of Whitehaven, was part of the 2011 recruiting class.
TigerSportsReport- "We interviewed his Tiger and Whitehaven teammate Charles Harris and now we're here with defensive linemen Terry Redden. Terry, thanks for taking time to speak with us."
Terry Redden- "No problem"
TSR- ""We like to let the fans see you guys are more than just these big guys who go around hitting, tackling and running around on the field. You have other interest outside of football as well. So our first question is what is your favorite movie of all time?"
TR- "It would have to be New Jack City.
TSR- "Wow, you went way back for that one"
TR- "Yeah, It's my favorite movie because it shows you that you can have everything you want and the next minute you have nothing. It shows you there's a thin line of being on top of the world one day and the bottom the next day. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best."
TSR- "If you were not a football player what do you think you'd do?"
TR- "Most likely I'd be in the community. I have a little brother who plays football for the Whitehaven Cowboys so I'd probably would work in the community."
TSR- "Who is the funniest Memphis Tiger on the roster?"
TR- "Kevin Green. He's just crazy. He'll say anything. He's one of the biggest motivators we have on the team."
TSR- "Who's your favorite position coach?"
TR- "It would have to be Coach Odom. He has a lively attitude and he cares and reaches out to the players and helps us get in tune with how he sees things. He's a real motivator."
TSR- "Whose the toughest to take on out on the practice field?"
TR- "The toughest for me to take on is Antonio Foster. He's a very good run blocker, we go one on one every day. We both make each other better. He has a low base, we go at it every day."
TSR- "Who's the strongest on the team, you're in the running too so if you pick yourself that's OK?"
TR- "I'd have to say Jimmy Robinson, he's very strong and a big guy."
TSR- "Charles Harris told us it was between you or Jimmy."
TR- "Yeah I got to say Jimmy (Laughs)."
TSR- "What is your favorite car and what statement does it say about you?"
TR- "Bentley Continental GT. That's always been my favorite car. With my size I can roll pretty smooth in it (Laughs)"
TSR- "Who's your favorite professor and what subject do they teach?"
TR- "It was my freshman year, oh man I can't remember her name. It was American History. She really got me into history. She would put us in scenarios of history to see how we would react. Times always change and you never know when history repeats itself or reverts back to the past. You got to know the past so you will have a better future."
TSR- "Besides the Liberty Bowl, what's you favorite stadium to play in (College or High School)?"
TR- "It's the Liberty Bowl but beside the LB I'd go with Whitehaven High."
TSR- "That's the same thing Charles said, why Whitehaven?"
TR- "There were memories made on that field."
TSR- "If Big Bird and Barney got in a fight who would win and why?"
TR- "I believe Big Bird got them hands. He has the faster hands. (Laughs)."
TSR- "Our last question comes from a fan on our message boards (Thomas'Tigers). Describe your experience as a hometown player who decided to stay home for football and what do you say to other Memphis kids who are interested in doing the same?"
TR- "It's a very positive thing staying home. Coming out of high school your still young and you need your family support. There are a lot of benefits staying close your family. It's been beneficial for me. They get to see me play. Why play anywhere else? This is my hometown. This city needs us."
Redden is working hard to be the next great defensive linemen at Memphis. With Charles Harris and Terry Redden from the 2011 recruiting class and Derrick Bobo and Tony Mays last year Memphis looks to create a Whitehaven pipeline.