One on One with Wynton McManis

The Tiger defense has become a solid unit this season. One player that has shown he'll be a force to be reckoned with is true freshman Wynton McManis.

TigerSportsReport got a chance to sit down with McManis so we can know a little bit more about him as a person.

TigerSportsReport- "It's the last week of practice and Sothern Miss ahead this week. We're here with True Freshman Wynton McManis out of Olive Branch (MS). Wynton, thanks for taking the time to talk to us."

Wynton McManis- "Thank you, No problem."

TSR- "We want to introduce the fans to a different side of you. You're a football player but there are other things you guys like and we want to bring that out to the fans. So the first question is as a football player growing up, what player did you look up to the most?"

WM- "Growing up I watched a lot of Ray Lewis."

TSR- "Do you think Ray Lewis's career is over?"

WM- "I wish it wasn't but it probably is."

TSR- "We feel that he has so much pride he'll try to find a way to come back but it's a pretty tough injury."

WM- "Yeah that's pretty tough to come back from."

TSR- "Who's your favorite actor and why?"

WM- "I'd have to go with Will Smith. To me he's the most talented actor in the business, he can play any role."

TSR- "If you didn't play football, which sport would you play?"

WM- "I would of probably stuck with basketball. I played baseball in High School too but it would probably be basketball."

TSR- "If the Memphis coaching staff had a dance off, which coach would win?"

WM- "(Laughs) Coach Shibest. He has a little first down dance move he does."

TSR- "Coach Shibest huh? Describe the dance."

WM- "Its like he takes this one long giant step and he cuts his arm out like he's a Seminole, (Laughs). It's like a modified tomahawk chop."

TSR- "We'll be watching him this weekend now, do you have any pregame traditions?"

WM- "I really don't. I take my time laying my stuff out but I don't have anything I do before every game."

TSR- "Who is the toughest player for you to cover in practice?"

WM- "I'd have to say Keiwone. It's the quickness, the shiftiness off the line, you don't know when he's going to make the cut."

TSR- "Who are your favorite pro teams (any sport)?"

WM- "In basketball I'll stick with the home team Grizzlies. In football it's the Pittsburg Steelers. In baseball the Yankees."

TSR- "Besides the Liberty Bowl, what is your favorite place to play in (High School or College)?"

WM- "Olive Branch, every friday."

TSR- "Who's your favorite professor at Memphis?"

WM- "It would be my English Professor Michael Paul Vine. He really keeps you engaged throughout the whole class."

TSR- "Now it's been unanimous, everyone has picked their freshman English professor. What is it about the freshman English at the U of M?"

WM- "I think they know we're freshman and English isn't the subject most people don't like so they try to make it as much fun as possible."

TSR- "Which decade had the best music, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, or 00's?

WM- "I'd have to go with the 90's."

TSR- "Really, who do you like from the 90's?"

WM- "K-Ci and JoJo"

TSR- "If Big Bird and Barney got into a fight who would win and why?"

WM- "That's a tough one. I'll go with Big Bird. I don't think Barney is as tough he always wanted hugs."

For those keeping track at home, Big Bird now leads 4-1.

McManis is excited about the opportunity to end the season on a 3 game winning streak that will spring board them going into the Big East next year.