Tigers downed by SMU

Once again Memphis kept it close in the first half and lost it in the second half.
It's a recurring theme this year that the Tigers come out and play a close game in the first half and then completely lose it in the second. SMU started the game with the ball and the Tiger defense held them to a three and out.
The Tiger offense looked to be on the move with a couple quick passes to Keiwone Malone but then Memphis reverted back to the run, run, pass, that's been so predictable all season.
On the Mustangs second possession they started to pick up some rhythm and managed a 9-play, 66-yard drive. The Tiger defense held them at the end and SMU settled for a 39-yard field goal.
When Memphis got the ball for their second possession they continued with their run, run, pass, mentality. The result? A three and out of course.
Memphis Punter Tom Hornsey booted a nice 52-yard punt. The only problem was SMU returned it for 59 yards to the Memphis 5 yard line. One play later SMU had a 10-0 lead.
So on the third possession for Memphis you'd think they'd try a different approach than the run, run, pass. But you thought wrong.
Jai Steib rushed for 3 on first down. Insert Eric Mathews at quarterback on 2nd down and if you've watched any game film you would know Mathews runs 99% of the time. Mathews rushed for 2 but fumbled the ball and SMU recovered.
Four plays later SMU took a 13-0 lead.
The Tigers got on the board in the 2nd on a 4 play 64-yard drive. On this drive the play calling was pass, rush, pass, and rush.
SMU added a field goal before the end of the half and the Tigers were down 16-10 at the half.
Coming out in the 2nd half the Tigers had the opportunity to take a lead with a touchdown.
They started moving the ball on the 13 play 53-yard drive that resulted in a field goal but during that drive they had 2 consecutive run on 1st, run on 2nd, and pass on 3rd plays.
The score was 16-13 SMU. The Mustangs woke up and reeled off 28 straight points to finish the game. Memphis managed 64 yards of total offense in the 2nd half, 6 yards in the 4th quarter.
The Tigers (1-7) will regroup and travel to Marshall (3-5) next week.
Offense, D-
Defense, C
Special Teams, C