One on One with Charles Harris

The Memphis Tiger defense has been improving with each game. One of the major reasons for that is starting middle linebacker Charles Harris.
The 6-foot-2 235 lbs sophomore took some time to sit with TigerSportsReport so we can get to know a little bit more about him as a person.
Charles Harris hails from Whitehaven High in Memphis. Coming out of Whitehaven Harris was a three star prospect with schools like Miss. State, Vandy and Ole Miss after him before he chose to stay home and play for the Tigers.
TigerSportsReport- "Charles thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us."
Charles Harris- "Yes sir, thanks for having me."
TSR- "We like to let the fans see you guys are more than just these big guys who go around hitting, tackling and running around on the field. You have other interest outside of football as well. So our first question is what is your favorite movie of all time?"
CH- "Friday Night Lights"
TSR- "Now see I'm trying to prove you're not just a football guy and you pick a football movie (laughs)"
CH- "Sorry (laughs)"
TSR- "You got to go somewhere other than football with this next question. If you were not a football player what do you think you'd do?"
CH- "No doubt I'd still be in school. My mom would make sure of that. Hmm, That's a good question. I now I would be doing something with athletics."
TSR- "Who is the funniest Memphis Tiger on the roster?"
CH- "There's a lot of people. I know the coaching staff likes Keiwone Malone, he's funny without even trying. We have a true freshman named Daniel Montiel. He's from the Dallas area and keeps everyone laughing. I remember during camp we had a talent show and he had to be coach and he did all his accolades and he made the whole team laugh so I'd probably give it to Daniel."
TSR- "Did coach make him run extra the next day?"
CH- "He said he should for all Daniel said but he couldn't. He knew it was funny (Laughs)."
TSR- "Whose the toughest to cover out on the practice field?"
CH- "Toughest to cover? I'd have to give it to Keiwone Malone because he's smooth off the line and when he gets out in space and you try to get a hand on him but can't. He know how to duck under the blocks and get into the open space for the quarterback to get him the ball."
TSR- "Who's the strongest on the team?"
CH- "That's a tough one. I'd have to say Terry Redden. Redden went to Whitehaven with me and he's a strong kat. Maybe Jimmy Robinson, he'd give him a lot of competition. But it's between those two."
TSR- "Who's your favorite professor and what subject do they teach?"
CH- "I've had some English teachers. I remember in my freshman year I took English from Mrs. Sarah Tyler. It was fast and quick tempo and I always did well in her class. My last English teacher was Dr. Martin and he taught African American Literature and it was cool."
TSR- "Besides the Liberty Bowl, what's you favorite stadium to play in (College or High School)?"
CH- "Without a doubt Whitehaven High School. There's nothing like going out on a Friday night and playing for the fans of Whitehaven. We all get along with the boys from Olive Branch but they always say you don't have anything on us. We always argue back and forth who's better. I'd love for Whitehaven to play them. Maybe we can get that set up later on for bragging rights."
TSR- "How did I know you were going to pick Whitehaven (Laughs)"
CH- "(Laughs) its just the staff over there you know. Coach Saulsberry and Coach Harmon, all the coaches, the principle and teachers. Everybody loves the football program over there. The community comes out and supports it no matter what."
TSR- "What is your favorite car and what statement does it say about you?"
CH- "I really like Jaguars. My moms says not matter what I do in life to make sure she gets a Jaguar, I'll say that's my favorite because she wants one. What statement does that say about me? Just that I want to make my mom happy."
TSR- "If Big Bird and Barney got in a fight who would win and why?"
CH- "Wow, I'm going to go with Barney because I think I watched more Barney as a kid than Sesame Street"
TSR- "Our last question comes from a fan on our message boards (Thomas'Tigers). Describe your experience as a hometown player who decided to stay home for football and what do you say to other Memphis kids who are interested in doing the same?"
CH- "I can honestly say growing up in Memphis and when I started getting scholarships I wanted to go some where else different but after going on my visits and talking to some of my coaches and family about how I can change the program here and bring positive light into the city. I thought I could come here and make a name for myself and a name for my Whitehaven community. Uplift the city and uplift the team and bring a positive vibe around the school. There's nothing like home. They're always going to treat you good. If you really love this city there's nothing like coming to Memphis."
Harris leads the team in tackles with 62 and will have his team ready for the last three games of the season and end the season on a three game winning streak.