One on One with Corey Jones

The Tiger defense has really come alive over the past few games and one of the players that play an important role in that is Defensive End Corey Jones.
TigerSportsReport got a chance to sit down with Jones so we can know a little bit more about him as a person.
TigerSportsReport- "We're here with Corey Jones out of Mitchell High. First off we want to say thanks for your time to meet with us and answer some questions."
Corey Jones- "No problem, anytime."
TSR- "We want to introduce the fans to a different side of you. You're a football player but there are other things you guys like and we want to bring that out to the fans. So the first question is what is your favorite movie and why?"
CJ- "My favorite movie of all time would have to be Bad Boys. It's action packed and has my favorite actors in it Martin and Will Smith. It goes to where my major is going to be. I want to be a detective."
TSR "That's interesting. What interest you about detective work?"
CJ- "I've always been one to investigate things. My mind wonders so why not do something better with it."
TSR- "If you didn't play football, what sport would you play?"
CJ "Definitely Basketball. I love playing basketball. I played in high school, its something I've always played. If I could I would play both now."
TSR- "What's your favorite book and why?"
CJ- "I'd have to say this book called Monster. It's about this kid growing up in the hood or whatever and some situations he was brought into. It was very interesting."
TSR- "Do you have any pregame traditions?"
CJ- "I always pray and thank God before a game and give glory to him letting him know I'm playing for him and not just for me."
TSR- "Sometimes you may be asked to drop into coverage, who on the offense is the hardest to cover?"
CJ- "I don't do that too much but I'd have to say Keiwone Malone. Yeah, I wouldn't want to cover him. "
TSR- "What are your favorite pro teams (Any sports)?"
CJ- "In football I'd have to say the Steelers. Basketball is would be Miami Heat. Baseball would be the St. Louis Cards. That's about all I watch."
TSR- "Beside the Liberty Bowl, which stadium do you like to play in the most (College or High School)?"
CJ "I'd have to say JP Freeman. I spend a lot of time in High School games on that field. "
TSR- "Who's your favorite professor at the University of Memphis?"
CJ- "That's a tough one. I'd have to go with Mrs. Ripley. She taught me my first English class. She taught me its not that hard to get through college and take the time and put forth the effort."
TSR- "What's your favorite type of food?"
CJ- "Broccoli and Rice. That and pork chops."
TSR- "When you were a kid growing up, which player(s) did you look up to?"
CJ- "When I was in High School I looked up to Julius Peppers. I used to play linebacker back in the day and looked to Ray Lewis as well."
TSR- "Next question comes from a fan. The defense has been improving every week. What do you contribute that success to?"
CJ- "Being more focused. Understanding what you have to do and dot it. Each week you know the system better."
TSR- "If Big Bird and Barney got into a fight who would win and why?"
CJ- "(Laughs) I'd probably go with Big Bird. Why? I guess because I watched Big Bird as a kid."
For those keeping track at home, Big Bird now leads 3-1.
Jones is looking forward to end the season on a 3 game winning streak. He'll get that chance this week against Southern Miss.