Will Coleman Needs Your Help to Become an All-Star

Former Memphis Tigers Will Coleman and Jeremy Hunt are making waves overseas in Greece. Each is a candidate to play in the Structure Esake 2013 All Star Game. And fans from anywhere in the world can stuff the ballot, meaning Memphians can help elect two of their favorites to the game.
How can you help, you ask?
First, copy and paste this link into your browser:
That will take you to the Easke All-Star ballot. It is in Greek, but some browsers (notably, Google Chrome) will give you the option of translating the page, which takes away some of the anxiety of getting the wrong player on the ballot. Click on the All-Star Game heading.
Scroll down a bit and you will see the headings "GREEK STARS", "THE REST OF THE WORLD" and "COACHES". Click on "THE REST OF THE WORLD".
The ballot for all foreigners (including Americans) will then show up. The first column is guards, and you have to scroll down almost all the way to the bottom to find Jeremy Hunt. He is fourth from the bottom. Untranslated, it will look something like this: ΧΑΝΤ Τζέρεμι. Translated, it is simply "Jeremy Hunt".
Coleman is the third from the top among centers, and untranslated his name looks something like this: ΚΟΛΕΜΑΝ Ουίλιαμ. Translated, it is "William KOLEMAN".
Put a check mark in the box to the right of each player's name and the entire box will turn yellow. Then press the charcoal gray/black button at the bottom of the page. If the page is translated it says "Listing". Wait a moment and a dialog box will appear with a heading at the top that says "The page at says:". You will see Greek wording and then below that an "OK" button. Press "OK" and your vote will be registered.
From what we can tell, there is no limit to how many times you can vote.
Coleman was thrilled to find out that Hunt was in the running for the All-Star Game with him.
"Yes I did (see Jeremy's name on the ballot)," he said via Facebook. "it would be great if they put us on the same team...from the way it seems they may be doing Greeks against Americans looks like!!"
And make no mistake about it: Coleman is ultra-excited about the thought of being an all-star in just his second season playing professional basketball.
"It would mean alot to me to make this all star team with Jeremy simply (because) I've worked so hard to have the season I'm having and plus I want to be able to tell my daughter her dad was an all star!!"
Coleman has been having a tremendous season for Kavala B.C., also known as E. K. Kavala. The full name of the club is Enosi Kalathosfairisis Kavalas, which means Kavala Basketball Union. The team has been in the first division of Greek pro basketball, the Greek Basket League, for the past five (5) years. Big Will, as Tiger fans still call him, earned MVP honors in the Basketleague 17th Round playoffs.
For your pleasure, go to William Christopher Coleman's Facebook page and check out his highlight video "Top Seven Dunks from the MVP William Coleman", including a nasty facial at the number one spot.